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Partner Alliance is a virtual community of specialist partners whose skills and resources are made available to all Insight’s Public Sector clients. If a client’s requirement falls outside our core capabilities, we will introduce you to either a suitable member of our existing 850 partner roster or proactively recruit ‘best of breed’ specialist suppliers using our rigorous partner selection procedure.

All our suppliers are sub-contractors of Insight and therefore have access to the Public Sector Frameworks we operate on – of which there are 43 at present.

Over the last 10 years Insight have developed key partnerships with over 850 partners to ensure we keep up to speed in the constantly changing ‘cutting edge’ Public Sector environment.

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Why use Insight’s Partner Alliance Services?

If you need to purchase software, hardware or a solution from a specialist supplier that is not currently accredited to supply via a framework or you have an urgent requirement that needs to be purchased in a hurry, then using Insight’s Partner Alliance services is the way forward.

Insight has contracts in place with more than 850 partners, so if the supplier you want is not yet on Insight’s list, then please have your supplier or your purchasing team call Insight to arrange an introduction.

Benefits of using the Insight Partner Alliance Program

  • One stop shop
  • All under Framework terms, client protection
  • Speed of Procurements
  • Collaborative approach to project delivery
  • End to end management

How does it work?

Insight’s Partner Alliance team works closely with Insight’s Contracts Team and the Bid Team to manage every opportunity. These three teams combine to deliver an excellent customer and partner experience.

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Step One

Insight ensure relevant contracts are in place between client & Insight
as the accredited Framework reseller.

Step Two

Insight ensure Partner Agreement is in place to mirror legal requirements/responsibilities of Framework.

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  • Security
  • Services
  • Storage
  • SaaS
  • PAS
  • Networking
  • Hardware
  • Storage
  • Software

Insight Partner Assurance Program

Insight has a well-established framework for the selection and management of subcontractors called the Insight Partner Assurance Program.

Insight’s subcontractors are subject to a rigorous selection and
continuous assessment programme, consisting of:

Benefits of using the Partner Alliance Program

Initial analysis of services and solutions
Financial stability and history
Required technical capabilities and accreditations
People management, ethical standards, culture
Quality assurance certifications and policies

Information assurance including adherence to data protection legislation
Environmental standards and policies
Contractual acceptance of terms via Insight’s Market Place Agreement
Control framework including Statement of Works for each project
Performance management

  •      Reduced cost of procurement
  •      Reduced procurement timescales
  •      Pre-vetted suppliers
  •      Simplified contracts negotiations
  •      Competitive pricing/ Volume Pricing
  •      Full compliance with EU procurement legislation
  •      Agreed contract terms and conditions