Poly Studio

Created for huddle rooms and other small spaces, the Poly Studio USB video bar delivers enterprise-grade power in a cost-effective, user-friendly package.

Crisp audio and video

With tracking microphones, immersive sound and 4K video resolution, you’ll see and hear every participant’s contributions.

Distraction prevention

Automated Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock capabilities mute background noises, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Streamlined deployment

The Studio integrates seamlessly with most cloud-based video platforms, and it’s built with plug-and-play functionality.

Polycom RealConnect product

Group Video Solutions

Poly room video solutions deliver crazy good video and audio that gives everyone the opportunity to shine. Using whatever service, you want. 

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Poly conference with RealPresence Trio

Personal Video and Webcams

Poly Studio P5 Kits have everything you need for a professional video conferencing experience at home or wherever you’re working. Each kit includes a webcam and headset or personal speakerphone all in one package that’s easy to set up. Boom!

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RealPresence group series video conference

Device Management

Poly Lens Desktop is a single app for customizing your compatible personal devices to how you work. Staying up to date with the latest software is just a click away. And with built-in wellness and nature sounds, you'll have better focus and peace of mind, so you'll look and sound great.

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