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As a trusted technology partner to the many local authorities, councils and housing associations, Insight UK support digital transformation, collaboration, citizen engagement and adult social care through technology enablement. With an industry sector focused team for local regional government and housing associations, Insight has a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, objectives and the challenges they face associated with the provision of public sector services to their citizens and communities.

With Insight, you get more than just IT. Our purpose is to build meaningful connections to help organisations run smarter. Whether we're working with clients, teammates or the community, our values drive everything we do. Insight empower organisations to transform through technology; investing smarter, working smarter, run workloads smarter and innovate smarter. Insight has successfully demonstrated the utilisation of our skills across our client base within both the Public and Private Sectors delivering transformational digital engagement.

What we do

Adult Social Care

We offer solutions that monitor the health & wellbeing of adults under care allowing improved independent living conditions within the home environment & community care.

The solutions are based on the IoT (Internet of Things) services around daily activity monitoring, emergency triggers, and prevention of social isolation. The primary objective is to respond to the real needs of caregivers, service providers and public authorities.

Using IoT Home Sensors and wearable technology, then using AI (Artificial Intelligence) our solutions translate the data into actionable intelligence.

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The Assisted Living Spaces - Smart Homes AI technology can help your care services with the following:

  • An early warning system for the elderly and vulnerable adults.
  • Wearable and AI camera for fall detection and prediction.
  • AI led decision making through always learning services.
  • Personalised and proactive assistance for loneliness with care worker in the loop.
  • Home Intelligence and an AI Hub for your modern Assisted living facility or home.
  • Intelligent insight connecting all the sensory data across ambient proactive services.

Assisted Living

The IOT Smart Assisted Living Platform has been developed by Insight’s award winning Digital Innovation team. Based on Microsoft technologies including Azure, the solution can help to transform the way care is delivered to both the elderly and vulnerable citizens. With our AI technology we can transform care services by creating an AI-led Smart Home Service, capable of accessing comprehensive knowledge of individual well-being by harnessing and combining all sensory, wearable and activity data to an expanded machine learning capability.

Connected Platform

Truly connected spaces built with Insight’s Connected Platform solution will help you unlock the value of your data to make smarter decisions. Together, we’ll build spaces of the future through an array of interconnected, IoT-enabled devices that enables you to improve operational efficiency and client experiences. Insight provides a scalable IoT architectural framework designed to:

  • Boost security
  • Cut development costs
  • Propel efficiency
  • Enable faster deployment

Framework Guide

Framework arrangements are set up by Public Sector bodies (often called Public Buying Organisations (PBOs) with suppliers to provide goods and services according to certain requirements.

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