Remove the resource and management overhead of implementing or managing SAM tools.

Our Technology and Tools services are designed to help you implement, support, manage and maintain your chosen SAM Technology. We can even help you to remove all associated resource and management overheads by supplying SAM Tooling to you via the Software-as-a-Service model.

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Technology & Tools at a glance

  • Baseline Balance

    SAM Tooling can be a key component of an overall approach to managing software assets. However without specialist knowledge many organisations rely heavily on expensive vendor services to implement, manage, support and maintain their chosen SAM technology. Without this constant focus, the data contained in your SAM Tool can become out of date and unfit to empower the very decision making you selected it for in the first place.

  • Cost savings

    We offer a portfolio of engineering and support services to help you maintain the value you had hoped to get when you selected to use a SAM Tool. We can health-check your existing installation to ensure it is still fit for purpose, or we can help you to select and implement a new tool if that is the right way forwards for you. We run a business hours service desk to provide both technical and user support so that you have a single point of contact for all queries. Furthermore if you want to completely remove all resource implications from your environment, we can host and supply your chosen SAM tool  via the Software-as-a-Service model.

"SAM tools have rapidly become the tool of choice for managing software, due to the rising complexity of software-licensing schemes"

Source: Gartner

Why partner with Insight?

We have provided objective and vendor-independent license consulting and software asset management advice for over a decade, helping thousands of our clients to make better use of their software investments. Our LCS team includes world-class experts in licensing, software asset management and software contracts, which alongside our extensive benchmarking database, means that we are well-qualified to advise businesses on the best licensing strategies. Many of our consultants have actually joined our team directly from publishers such as Oracle, IBM, SAP & Microsoft, from both commercial and auditing roles, which gives them a unique insight into the inner workings of the publisher.

At Insight our purpose is to creating meaningful connections for our clients to help their businesses run smarter. Through our LCS team we are able to offer advice, support and guidance helping you to control and manage your software costs, eliminate wastage and inefficiency and ultimately helping you to create the meaningful connection between software expenditure and maximised, realised business value.


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Why do I need a SAM tool?

When I purchased my SAM tool the vendor installed it for me, they followed best practice, why would I need to health-check it?

Why should I use your services, why don’t I just contact the SAM tool vendor?

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