We are living in the age of immediacy.

Whether its consumers, customers or your employees, expectations have never been higher. Businesses have to balance their demands whilst continually driving competitive advantage, growing revenues, reducing costs and minimising any associated risks. This is leading many organisations to transform into a more agile and digitally driven business.

Software and cloud are integral to the success of any digital initiative. But there are challenges to consider in balancing budget and resource between maintenance and innovation.

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What software lifecycle challenges do you face?

Effective software procurement and management is complex. A streamlined approach will solve your toughest challenges — improving visibility and driving greater cost savings. We’ll help you maximise resources and bring effective governance to the software and cloud lifecycle.


Save 25-30% on your Software Lifecycle projects

Insight has a proven track record of supporting organisations like yours to cut through the complexity of its software investments and make significant cost savings.

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Addressing the New Hidden Cost Inefficiency: “Shelfware-as-a-service”

With the current focus on cost reduction to support business, Software-as-a-Service inefficiencies can provide savvy procurement professionals an opportunity to reduce costs whilst ensuring business continuity and agility.

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How to Prepare for Your Microsoft End of Year Contract Negotiations

Our Microsoft Licensing expert Marc Brasser covers all things Azure governance and outlines our Commercial Health Check to make sure you are ready to improve your position in your end of year negotiations.

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How to Get the Best Deal when Negotiating your Oracle Licensing Agreements

Explore these tips and tricks aimed at helping users understand the cost optimisation opportunities linked to each of these cost incurring areas.

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How to Prepare for an Oracle Audit

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How to Minimise Your Risk and Exposure on Java

In this webinar, we demystify Java licensing, explore the main areas of risk and provide a path to negotiate a better agreement.

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Self-serve software procurement

Increasing visibility and control of your software transactions will save time and money. An insight.com account is designed to improve software procurement. From this centralised platform, you’ll have everything you need to improve your procurement process.

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Cloud Management Platform

Gaining control of your organisation’s cloud lifecycle enables you to effectively match IT capabilities with business demands. Our self-service Cloud Management Platform will help you maximise the value of your investments by streamlining purchasing and improving management.

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You’ll have anywhere, anytime procurement options for cloud-based business technology, including product add-ons and services.


The platform gives you on-demand access to your solutions, which are automatically updated without risk.


Quickly and easily assign, remove and reassign your cloud licenses to meet business needs while controlling costs.


Various reports provide visibility into past, present and future spending and include consumption and billable items data.

Software procurement services

Our managed procurement services help you do more in less time. We enhance your existing capabilities and skills to simplify your software supply chain. You’ll be able to improve the end-user experience, reduce costs and increase governance.

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Software Asset Management (SAM) as-a-service

Move beyond just managing inventory. Our SAM services will reduce compliance risks and optimise your software spend. We provide tools, visibility and insights, so you can make the right decisions to maximise your investments.

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Software optimisation consulting

Maximise the value of your software at every opportunity. Our expert consultants will guide your organisation to evolve SAM processes and tools and optimise your consumption and commercial positions.

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Simplifying software purchasing and management takes Insight.

We’ll help identify, purchase and support your licenses and applications with our tools and managed services.

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