Is your organisation prepared for the new way forward?

Recent events have shifted the mindset on how and where we can work productively. With less and less people spending their whole working week in the office,  hybrid working  has become  a reality.  The key to enable a flexible workforce is providing the right tools, so they can seamlessly adapt to working from home or the office.

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Services to Propel your Agile Working Capabilities

Having the right equipment is just the beginning. Insight gives you access to a wide range of services that will help your organisation transform into a more agile workplace, fully prepared for the new way forward.

Hardware Lifecycle Services

From configuration, imaging and asset tagging, to refurbishment, distribution, break-fix and support, our lifecycle services ensure you optimise the management and availability of your IT estate.

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Security Services

Moving to new ways of working can present security and compliance challenges. Protect your organisation and ensure security and compliance remains a key consideration.

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Financial Services

It can be difficult for organisations to keep up with the rapid pace of change without severely affecting capital expenditure. We have finance options available to help bridge the gap between transformation and budget constraints.

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Adoption & Change Management

Deploying new technologies can present challenges for organisations - from technical knowledge gaps to cultural acceptance across the workforce. We offer a range of workshops and services to support your organisation with this transition.

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