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Insight’s, dedicated Police team have had the privilege to work with and supply a variety of ICT hardware, software, professional services, consultancy, and managed services to UK Policing for over 15 years. Insight are firmly established as a ‘go to’ technology provider of choice and trusted partner for many UK Police forces.

The enablement and adoption of digital technology is radically changing the way police forces operate and respond. Every crime committed, potentially has a digital element to it. While next-generation solutions are increasing your capacity to serve your communities, reliance on a growing IT ecosystem and data transformation require careful consideration to operate at maximum efficiency.

We’ll help you develop the right strategy in line with the objectives of the National Police Digital Strategy (Digital Data and Technology Strategy 2020-30). We can support your force with adoption, deployment, and maintenance of integrated solutions, giving you the freedom to focus on protecting and serving the public and communities around the UK.

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We help you:

  • Respond to incidents faster
  • Manage data, intelligence, and evidence effortlessly
  • Improve efficiency in case management
  • Turn data into actionable insights
  • Driving operational efficiency and improve ROI
  • Supporting your digital journey to become a modern police service

Cost is at the forefront of all police investments and ensuring that the maximum budget is allocated to frontline policing is made possible by Insight’s Supply Chain Optimisation solutions.

Agile working is at the core to supporting the adoption of mobile technology to further enhance the benefits of the National Enablement Programmes Productivity Services. Productivity Services enable you to enjoy the benefits of Microsoft 365, including safer, better ways of working, time and productivity returns and enhanced information sharing and collaboration.

Data driven decision making is empowered by Advanced Analytics that harness the vast quantities of data collated by the collaborating police forces. Using Power BI to model workforce management is but one example of this.

Online services are also helping improve interaction with the general public.

How we help

  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Agile working
  • Data driven decision making
  • Online services for improved public interaction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and enhanced forensic workstations are being combined to provide new possibilities with Digital forensics. Improved workflow and the increasing speed for gathering evidence combine to help reduce time to conviction.

The provision of In-vehicle and mobile devices is supporting the agile and remote working environments necessary for improved speed of response and access to information required in the field.

How we help

  • Digital forensics helping to reduce conviction time
  • In-vehicle and mobile devices improving response time
  • Better access to information in the field

Agile working is not just improving frontline services, but also allowing back office support staff to work remotely. This can mean estate rationalisation becomes an opportunity for increased cost savings.

The provision of In-vehicle and mobile devices to support the agile and remote working environments not only improves response time, but enables our police to be out in the field with the public more of the time and reduces their mileage and carbon emissions.

Enabling efficient and cost effective management of technology, can help create cost savings that can be reinvested in front line policing.

How we help

  • Agile working for estate rationalisation
  • In-vehicle and mobile devices reducing carbon emissions
  • Better access to information in the field

Digital evidence collection and management

How you gather, share and organise information can have a significant impact on organisational efficiency. We will help you build an ecosystem that is intelligent and intuitive, giving your team the ability to create a digital file with any necessary content.

Increase your ability to share information with other departments quickly and securely in the cloud. Smart indexing software makes documents fully searchable, including video files.

Bring together data sources from:

  • Interview rooms
  • Criminal evidence
  • Court records
  • Body camera footage
Evidence capturing technology

Data-based policing

Technical advances in law enforcement are making it possible to improve how you use your resources, improving budget allocation and performance. Knowing more about the areas you serve gives you the ability to provide appropriate responses and improve community relationships.

By leveraging data, you can determine with greater accuracy how many officers are needed and where, at any given moment. Predictive models take into consideration multiple variables from special events, population trends and historical crime data.

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Smarter, tougher technology

The right technology enables your team to do their jobs better, faster and smarter, making communities and individuals safer.

We offer video cameras, rugged laptops and tablets that provide better communication and protection for everyone — and the software, infrastructure and data storage to support them.

Rugged policing technology


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