How to facilitate shared and flexible workspaces

Where and how we work has changed drastically. With many employees splitting time between home and the office, employers need to rethink how to keep their teams engaged and healthy. Designing a flexible office environment to meet the unique needs of each employee and team supports both well-being and productivity in hybrid work models.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • What is needed to support flexible working
  • Tools for shared workspaces
  • How to encourage an ergonomic working posture

Happy teams are productive teams.

Enhance your workspace and place an emphasis on health, productivity and comfort with Ergotron sit-stand desk convertors, mounts and carts.

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Simplify Standing With Ergotron WorkFit-TL

Reinvent any spaces into a standing desk with Ergotron WorkFit desk convertors that move straight up and down for more stability and to keep your space, your space. Transform corporate and home offices into dynamic, active workspaces and ensure healthy and productive hybrid teams.

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One workspace,
multiple users

Build an individual or shared workspace that easily adapts to each workstyle. The award-winning TRACE Monitor Mount features an innovative design that adapts to how each user works and feels their best to create ergonomic, flexible workspaces. It smoothly adjusts between tasks and postures to encourage movement and collaboration, and easily returns to the natural home position.

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Ergotron basic charging cart

Charge and move.

Charge up to 40 tablets, smartphones or e-readers with the YES40 charging cart. It provides a no-tip, easy-to-maneuver design that can store, transport and charge your devices even in tight spaces. It’s designed with sturdy doors to keep your devices secure and protected and provides customisation options for bay width and shelf height.

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Empower nurses and reassure IT with a wall workstation

Support nurse-patient connections, caregiver comfort and uptime with the new modular CareFit™ Combo System medical carts wall mount that enables an efficient documentation experience at the point of care. It supports easy workstation maintenance and upgrades with hidden cable management that lets them efficiently get the job done.

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