Lenovo ThinkStation

Experience the advanced processors and professional graphics in Lenovo® ThinkStation® workstations from Insight.

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High performance, professional strength

Lenovo ThinkStation workstations deliver innovative space-saving design, with vivid graphics and energy-efficiency delivered by Intel® processors.

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Trusted by industry leaders

A variety of professionals in a wide range of industries rely on Lenovo products.

ThinkStation powered by Intel

Powered by Intel

ThinkStation workstations are energy-efficient, virtual reality-enabled and ISV-certified.

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Lenovo ThinkStation delivers it all: innovative space-saving designs, portability and bright graphics.

P Series Tower Lenovo workstation

P Series towers

Lenovo ThinkStation P Series towers deliver powerful performance with the latest generation of Intel processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics. These dual- and single-processor workstations are energy-efficient and highly versatile.

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Lenovo ThinkStation P Series Small Form Factor workstation product

P Series small form factor

Lenovo ThinkStation P Series small form factor workstations provide vivid NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics in a compact system, powered by the latest generation of Intel processors. Insight and Lenovo provide the ideal workstation solution for a range of industries.

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ThinkStation P Series workstation

P Series Tiny

Equipped with the latest generation of Intel processors and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics, the Lenovo ThinkStation P Series Tiny delivers high performance in a 1L chassis. And, these workstations are eco-friendly and incredibly adaptive.

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