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Upgrade your storage and performance.

Solid State Drives are an easy way to improve the performance of your desktop or laptop PC, as they vastly outperform traditional Hard Disk Drives in data transfer speeds. This means that your PC boots up quicker, applications run faster. Even older machines can be given a significant boost, prolonging their useful life.

Unlike mechanical Hard Disk Drives, SSDs have moving parts. This makes them shock-proof, quiet and energy-efficient.

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Storage that works hard for your business.

Integral’s range of Enterprise and Server Solid State Drives are engineered to provide best performance and highest endurance for use in server-rooms and data centres.

Vital features such as power loss data protection and sustained write IOPS ensure an ideal solution for mixed workloads and performance hungry applications including Tier 1 storage, online transaction processing, email servers, high performance computing and cloud data warehousing.

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The M2 Series M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs are up to seven times faster in performance when compared to SATA SSDs and are compatible with most computing hardware and software that support the NVME standard, including small form factor machines (e.g Intel NUC), Ultrabooks and enthusiast desktops

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