The Jamf approach to securing Mac

Apple built one of the strongest out-of-the-box security platforms on the market, but determined attackers are continuously finding new ways to attack macOS that traditional security tools do not defend against. Jamf believes that effectively securing Mac requires an approach that aligns with Apple instead of forcing Apple to align with existing security for convenience.

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Endpoint protection built exclusively for Mac

Jamf Protect puts the spotlight on Apple, helping security and IT teams with Mac in organisations of all sizes.

Scale your teams through tools that understand the Mac platform. Jamf Protect helps maintain Mac endpoint compliance, address anti-virus needs by preventing macOS malware, control Mac application within the organisation, detect and remediate Mac-specific threats, all while maintaining minimal impact to the device and the end-user experience.



With comprehensive insight into Mac-specific malware, Jamf Protect meets your anti-virus needs by preventing known malware from running on your devices and quarantining them for later analysis.



Defend against sophisticated attacks on your Mac. Jamf Protect provides full visibility into events on devices, even if offline or remote.



The right visibility with minimal end-user impact is key. Get granular insights into your Mac fleet's activities for threat hunting and compliance.



Isolating machines, eradicating unwanted files and getting devices back into a trusted state after Jamf Protect raises an alert is easy and automated.


The Power of: Jamf Protect + Jamf Threat Defense

Jamf Protect helps maintain Mac endpoint compliance, address antivirus needs by preventing macOS malware, as well as detect and remediate Mac-specific threats. Jamf Threat Defense protects iOS endpoints from being compromised through mobile threat detection and zero-day phishing prevention with a first-class app for notifications and remediation.

Together, Jamf Protect and Threat Defense are a complete purpose-built solution to protect Apple users from malicious intent — all while maintaining minimal impact to the end-user experience.

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Jamf Threat Defense


Advanced machine learning

Identify and prevent even unknown threats using advanced machine learning and threat intelligence engine MI:RIAM.

In-network protection

Block zero-day threats like phishing sites and malicious domains in real time and before your devices are impacted.

Real-time insights

Receive real-time insight into risks and configure automated policy actions through the intuitive management portal.

Unrivaled integrations

With more UEM and SIEM partnerships than any other security vendor— plus the Jamf risk API — maximize existing security investments and take advantage of threat insights.


Jamf Data Policy

Jamf Data Policy offers a new level of management capability. It takes the notion of policies even further and empowers organisations to enforce acceptable usage policies to eliminate shadow IT and block risky content — while also managing data consumption with real-time analytics and granular reporting.

Enforce consistent policies for better and more cost-effective management.

Device management requires more than just the basics, especially for businesses supporting remote and hybrid workers. Corporate mobile devices provide the freedom to work anytime, anywhere, but the rise of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are causing data pools to drain rapidly. Even on personally enabled devices, non-business activity shouldn’t strain your data plan — or your acceptable usage policies for remote users.


Jamf Data Policy


Data capping and alerts

Configure caps for when data usage thresholds are reached. Set up fully customisable, real-time alerts and notifications for all users and admins.

Content filtering

Set intelligent rules to ensure that only acceptable websites can be reached and that data usage is compliant, reducing legal exposure from illicit or non-compliant use.


Implement and enforce policies to manage data usage based on location. Allowing employees to travel and work anywhere, without incurring unexpected roaming fees.


Tackle rising data consumption creatively. Cut usage by compressing data in real time, without cutting performance or productivity.



Security, Privacy & Compliance

Introduction to Jamf Security, Privacy and Compliance solutions

Many organisations are forced to transition business practices to a fully remote model while maintaining productivity levels.

As a result, IT policy is being revised to accommodate more devices, networks and apps, in more places than ever before. As workplaces are transforming at an unprecedented rate, organisations like yours are rapidly finding new ways to provide secure and productive access to resources for remote workers. But with the turn from physical to virtual togetherness, our new ways of working present significant challenges.

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