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Endpoint Security
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  • Detect new and unknown malware and exploits using deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning
  • Stop ransomware before it spreads with Sophos CryptoGuard
  • Block hackers and active adversaries from using the exploit techniques they use most in their attacks
  • Add expertise without adding headcount thanks to intelligent endpoint detection and response (EDR)

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Harness the power of a deep learning neural network

Achieve unmatched endpoint threat prevention. Intercept X uses deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning to detect both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

Deep learning makes Intercept X smarter, more scalable, and more effective against never-seen-before threats. Intercept X leverages deep learning to outperform endpoint security solutions that use traditional machine learning or signature-based detection alone.

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Stop ransomware in its tracks

Block ransomware attacks before they wreak havoc on your organisation. Intercept X includes anti-ransomware technology that detects malicious encryption processes and shuts them down before they can spread across your network. It prevents both file-based and master boot record ransomware.

Any files that were encrypted are rolled back to a safe state, meaning your employees can continue working uninterrupted, with minimal impact to business continuity. You get detailed post-cleanup information, so you can see where the threat got in, what it touched, and when it was blocked.

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  • Protects against patient-zero, zero-day, drive-by downloads; memory-resident attacks; and process breaches with anti-exploit technology.
  • CryptoGuard protects against all forms of crypto-ransomware, preventing spontaneous malicious encryption and rolling back changes.
  • Provides detailed, forensic-level analysis of the root cause of attacks and how to prevent them in the future.
  • Includes Sophos Clean, eradicating the remains of any malware.

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Sophos Central

Intercept X is integrated into Sophos Central, the intuitive cloud-based console for managing all your Sophos Products. No servers to build—just log in to download the agent and configure all your policies from one place.

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Sophos 2022 Threat Report

Interrelated threats target an interdependent world.

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