Data is at the heart of every industry's
transformation, and this is where
Synology has a profoundly important role
to play

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Synology supports your organisation's growing data infrastructure with solutions that ensure scalability and protection. Equip users with best-in-class technology to thrive in the cloud era.


Save money with energy-efficient file servers, backup, and virtualisation.


Synology acts as your own private cloud, giving you full control over your data; ensure it’s secure with AEs-256 military grade encryption.


Companies of all sizes and storage needs experience continuous service uptime.

Modern Business File Server for SME

Modern Business File Server for SME

Enhance your Business file server with powerful applications, which allows you to efficiently run anything
from a private file synchronisation platform to a Domain controller, or even your own Mail Server! 
Whether your organisation has 5 or 5,000 seats, you will not have to pay additional licensing fees. We will help you determine the right solutions first time.

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Complete Ecosystem for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Having a secure data backup is critical for any modern business needing to protect itself from IT threats such as ransomware. Don’t compromise on your business data protection: Synology offers you advanced backup tool straight out of the box with Synology Active Backup suite. Protect you important Microsoft 365 and G-suite accounts, replicating data, emails and contacts to the Synology as an onsite archive. Synology even offer a full backup ecosystem with their very own public cloud backup service, Synology C2 cloud.

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All in one Enterprise Storage Platform

All in one Enterprise
Storage Platform

Designed for large-scale businesses, FlashStation range provides high-performance throughput with
comprehensive business applications. Utilising All Flash Array with Ultrafast IOPS achieving over 240K IOPS, ideal for use with VMs and Microsoft Windows Server. Match the performances of the Ultra IOPS with Synology’s own SSD Range.

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Maximising availability of
IT services

Downtime of IT services can cost your business thousands of £ per hour: for mission critical applications, Synology High-Availability alleviates these issues and delivers a hassle-free method to mirror data and maximise your service uptime. For complete peace-of-mind, enterprise service contracts with up to 24/7, 4-hour replacements onsite are available. Speak to your account manager for further details.

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