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Many businesses are struggling to reduce the complexity and number of software suppliers within their IT environment. In fact many organisations are increasing the number of software vendors and suppliers year over year. This adds to the complexity, increases the drain on resources and restricts the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives.

We'll help you:

  • Simplify your supply chain
  • Reduce internal resource burden
  • Lower costs
  • Increase governance

Effective governance across your purchasing lifecycle​

We help build, customise and manage your approved catalogue to help your organisation easily find and obtain products and services. Leverage your account or punchout to your established system. We can integrate your existing catalogues, agreements and platforms to support a centralised or distributed purchasing structure.

Your managed product catalogue will include:

  • Approved vendors, software applications and user profiles
  • Software title, order process and stakeholder knowledge base
  • The latest product capability and specification details
  • Custom workflows for procurement activities
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Achieve seamless requisitions

Reduce the time it takes to handle new requests. From quote to approval, we’ll adopt your internal standards and manage the requisition process for users and project teams. Our experts regularly assess your existing portfolio to help you avoid or eliminate the volume of new license spend.

We'll provide:

  • Quote request management through your account and other channels
  • Proactive assistance to expedite internal approval steps
  • New license alignment to existing purchasing models
  • Dedicated service to manage complex or custom requirements
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Software fulfilment​

Streamline your procurement and deployment processes with our project management, delivery, documentation registration and post-purchase support. You’ll be able to send requests and monitor progress through our online tool at any stage to ensure successful integrations.

Order visibility
Whether you purchased through Insight or other channels, you can track transactions in real time across the long tail of vendors.

Asset support
We’ll carry out maintenance and renewal activities according to your internal standards and established best practices.

Our experts will handle license, subscription and entitlement registration in your finance and asset management systems.

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Gain full visibility into your contracts

Make more strategic software decisions based on a clear understanding of your environment. Our contract services deliver accurate views into your rights, entitlements, limitations and key risks in your portfolio.

You’ll be equipped to improve the way you purchase licenses and avoid unnecessary cost and risk. And, get actionable insights to enhance vendor relationship and renewal governance.

  • See entitlements in easy-to-view formats.
  • Support vendor on-boarding and renegotiation with in-depth assessments.
  • Align suppliers to client standards and best practices.
  • Manage registration and aggregation of software entitlements.
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Portfolio rationalisation

If you’re paying for unnecessary or redundant functionality across multiple solutions, you’re missing opportunities to drive efficiencies and cut costs. Simplify your software ecosystem and lower total cost of ownership with accurate data.

Our experts identify opportunities to consolidate purchasing structures, products, agreements and transactions across all vendor tiers, so you can:

  • Divert use from non-essential tools to lower cost alternatives
  • Eliminate redundant applications
  • Support in-house procurement and renewals planning
  • Discover software approaching end of life or end of support
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Demand management

Avoid unnecessary license purchases and maximise your current investments. We’ll vet each software request and renewal alongside existing capabilities to find purchase alternatives and improve future software strategy requirements.

By providing an ongoing analysis of software agreements, we’ll help drive down consumption, licensable requirements and discover alternative solutions and approaches.

To ensure smooth software procurement,​ our specialists:

  • Monitor new purchases and upcoming renewals to identify efficiencies
  • Work with IT strategy to establish future requirements
  • Help create contracts that provide the best value
  • Produce stakeholder reports with observations and recommendations
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Our software procurement expertise

We’ll handle end-user requests and support your software and cloud needs for a range of publishers throughout the entire lifecycle with our central point of contact licensing desk service.

Leverage our expertise to:

  • Address license questions specific to your environment
  • Evaluate license position scenarios
  • Administer licenses, registration and assignments
  • Create licence position, progress and quality report
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