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A new world is emerging

One where digitalisation is rapidly changing how we interact, learn, work and live. Within education, digital transformation plays a pivotal role in delivering personalised learning experiences. It empowers students to study anytime, anywhere, and progress at their own pace. Embracing new digital technologies and innovation enables digital to become part of education’s DNA. It delivers competitive institutional differentiation and allows schools, colleges and universities to:

  • Engage more students
  • Empower educators and management
  • Support the development of a 21st century digitally ready workforce

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The road to digitalisation

While digital transformation in education delivers many benefits, such as increased flexibility and innovation, the road to digitalisation is not always smooth. For many, the main challenge is how to balance technology, connectivity and data security, within a prudent IT budget.

At Fujitsu, we understand that innovation and learning go hand in hand. We have decades of experience designing, developing and implementing effective and affordable technology solutions for secondary schools, academy trusts, university technical colleges, further and higher education institutions. As world-leading experts in digitalisation, we can empower you to bring technology into the learning experience and deliver meaningful outcomes.

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Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme

Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme

The Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme is a shared initiative to promote education-wide collaboration for the benefit of both educators and students. Together with our technology partners Intel, Ruckus Networks and Kyocera, we plan to open 30 Innovation Hubs in schools, colleges, and universities around the UK, where students will be inspired to get ready to enter the digital world.

We handpick our Education Ambassadors to support our objective of making technology in the learning environment accessible to all. Educators will be given the opportunity to discover Fujitsu and Partner technologies and find out how they can empower young people to create, invent and build the future.

All For Learning. Learning For All.

All for learning. Learning for all.

Fujitsu believes learning is for life and that technology can play a key role in creating opportunities to learn that are available to all. See what happened when students, parents and teachers came together to share their experiences and passion for learning.

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