Rethink your Workspace with Fujitsu

Desk sharing, working from home and virtual collaboration have changed offices beyond recognition. Modern professionals want spaces in which they can collaborate easily in ad-hoc meetings (even with teammates in exotic locations on the other side of the world). They also want easy conferencing hook-ups in meeting rooms, for instant plug-and-go screen sharing. Clutter-free desks that leave more space to increase productivity. Adjustable-height surfaces for offices in which people hot-desk and move between rooms all day. And – ranking high on users’ wish lists – super-modern IT equipment.

woman at laptop working from home

Collaborate, communicate – and concentrate

Offices have the potential to be highly flexible physical spaces that can adapt to digital working styles. They are community spaces, with the focus very much on collaboration – but also need to provide opportunities for quiet time. In fact, research shows that people want a space where they can concentrate, as well as a choice of formal and informal meeting spaces.

More space to be creative

Despite the rapid rise of digital technology, people still spend most of their working day in offices. Research also shows that face-to-face communication is vital to inspire new ideas. So it makes sense for organizations to ensure their spaces promote productivity and creativity.  

Desk sharing

Desk time

Desk sharing is on the rise – and this means workspaces have to be ultra-adaptable to provide people with convenient, ergonomic spaces where they can be productive from the moment they plug in their devices. FUJITSU Clean Desk is a customizable digital office with tidy, one-cable connectivity. It creates an ergonomic environment with a greater sense of space. 

In meetings

Even if people are on the office campus, they are routinely on the move – in brainstorming session around a colleague’s desk, or in the conference room across the hall. They want to be able to share ideas and screen content easily, without loading extra apps, and without spending the first fifteen minutes of allocated meeting time getting the tech to work.

in meetings

Looking ahead

Jobs and workspaces are changing fast, powered by technology that will make new ways of working possible. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will create new opportunities for collaboration inside and outside the office, blurring the physical boundaries between sites. Conference rooms with vast wall-to-wall screens will act as gateways to a virtual environment.

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