Benefits of open source for the enterprise

Technology plays a key role when developing applications. But people are just as important. The Red Hat open source imperative incorporates both, resulting in numerous advantages.

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Including stakeholders from the different areas of business in the development process provides better end results.

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Red Hat open source ensures a solid starting point. Input from multiple developers pinpoints any errors for quick remediation.

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Bug fixes and security patches are swiftly distributed for the entire life of a Red Hat product, to deliver continuous protection.

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A comprehensive operating system

Enterprise Linux® uses virtual, containerised and cloud environments to power your applications. It gives you a standard platform to work from and comes with built-in security — plus access to hundreds of certified technology partners.

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Get to market fast.

JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) helps you build and deliver Java® Enterprise Edition applications. It offers enterprise-grade security and scalability for any environment. JBoss EAP works on premises, as well as in virtual or cloud environments, to help you deliver applications fast.

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Optimise processes.

Ansible® Automation provides IT automation to help you improve your current processes and smoothly migrate applications. It gives you a single language to work across all development processes throughout your organisation, speeding the time it takes to execute tasks and maintain your systems.

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A container application platform

Gain easy access to Docker® and Kubernetes® software. The OpenShift® Container Platform allows you to build, develop and deploy applications on any infrastructure, in any cloud environment. It works with state and stateless apps, and comes with built-in security.

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Open availability

The OpenStack® cloud computing platform takes the best resources from leading hardware providers and offers them in a virtualised model. Access the tools you need, when you need them, in any cloud environment.

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