Deploy applications faster.

OpenShift embraces Docker® and Kubernetes® software to streamline app development and deployment. The solution works in both private and public cloud environments.

All types

There’s no need to rearchitect applications to use containers. OpenShift works for both state and stateless apps.

Built-in security

The OpenShift container build process comes with reliable security, including role-based access controls.

Common tools

Teams can work with one platform and one set of tools to enable a continuous application development process.

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Integrated Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes software, along with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, are natively included with OpenShift. All of the processes, tools and platforms your teams need to develop applications come in a single platform. It helps you deploy quickly while decreasing infrastructure costs.

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App modernisation

In conjunction with Red Hat JBoss® middleware, OpenShift gives you native cloud services, such as developer tools, data management capabilities and automation. These tools help you develop apps fast and flexibly — and remove the strain that comes from maintaining legacy applications.

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Hybrid cloud support

OpenShift gives you one container application to use across all platforms. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the standard foundation for many public and private cloud environments. Use OpenShift anywhere Enterprise Linux is supported, including Amazon Web Services, Azure® and Google Cloud Platform.

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DevOps made easy

Your development and application teams can work with one common platform. This equips them with common tools to power a continuous development process and a rapid maintenance workflow. It helps remove barriers for smoother operations.

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