Fixing the Disconnect between
IT and Business
An Insight Research Report

With the Covid-19 pandemic shining a light on this disconnect, businesses must take a series of steps to ensure they not only continue to build business resilience, but have the means to innovate to ensure digital transformation remains top of the agenda. Find out how your organisation can bridge the gap between IT and the wider business.

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Bridging the gap between people and technology

Successful ACM is as much about people as it is about technology; attracting and retaining the right talent and ensuring they don't become disengaged or demotivated through information overload.​

To successfully transform and accelerate in the digital era, organisations must secure the support of their talent to engage in the transformation journey. Insight can support businesses to adopt the right IT investments in collaborative technology to increase personal workforce productivity.

Making the right choice

With an abundance of technology to choose from coupled with a fear of selecting the 'wrong' tools, organisations often miss out on key opportunities. This has increased in recent months, with significant changes to ways of working and technology playing a pivotal role. Leaders want to ensure they create an efficient workforce and guarantee a good ROI from their technology investments. This is where adoption and change management (ACM) can have a significant impact.


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