Remove security as a burden in the cloud.

Developers like the speed and flexibility of the cloud—but many fail due to cloud security challenges. Cloud Security Guardian manages security for them, automatically.

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Leverage industry best practices for security compliance.

Cloud Security Guardian is fully CIS Benchmarks-certified — their benchmarks are incorporated as pre-loaded policies in Cloud Security Guardian. Policies for PCI DSS and HIPAA are also included.

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Woman assessing a data centre

Get integrated, full-stack cloud security.

Only Barracuda Networks integrates cloud security management with perimeter and network security solutions—i.e., control, data, and management plane security together in a single solution.

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Cloud Security Guardian integration with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Security Guardian has been designed from the ground up to integrate with Azure and leverage built-in security and alerting features. The result is a more secure cloud infrastructure with an easy-to-use, highly automated solution that helps keep you secure in an era of increasing compliance mandates.

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