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The Email Security Imperative

Keeping email safe continues to be among the biggest challenges IT and security teams face. From business email compromise and spear phishing to weaponized attachments and malicious URLs, there are so many ways for attackers to get in – and those tactics change and get more sophisticated all the time. The simple fact remains that securing email is one of the most important steps organizations can take to safeguard against business disruption, data loss, and financial damage.

Applying the most effective controls possible to keep email secure is the focus of Mimecast’s protections in Zone 1 – At Your Email Perimeter. Our email security service with targeted threat protection offers best-in-class defenses against even the most sophisticated attacks.

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World-Class Security, Simply Delivered

Mimecast Email Security is a cloud-based service with all functions fully integrated and engineered to work together. Built to keep pace with a rapidly changing threat landscape, it combines a secure email gateway with data loss prevention, content controls, and targeted threat protection.  

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Protect against business email compromise, phishing, and spearphishing

Impersonation attacks are on the rise, with attackers increasingly using social engineering and other sophisticated techniques. Get comprehensive protection with real-time examination of the inbound email’s display name, reply-to information, and body content, as well as detection of character switching, advanced similarity checks, and the use of long URL strings.

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Halt Weaponised attachments

It’s all too easy for attackers to infect attachments with scripts that download malicious content like ransomware, trojans, and botnets. Protect your end-users with multiple layers of defense, including safe file conversion, static file analysis, and sandboxing when needed.

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Signature-less malware and zero-day attacks

The use of malware with algorithms designed to evade signature-based detection methods is a dangerous attack type. Shut down these threats with Mimecast technology that can quickly detect the algorithm’s structure, allowing us to rapidly deploy protections and defend you against zero-day, polymorphic malware.

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