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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Brand impersonation attacks that exploit your good name to compromise customers and partners are devastating. They destroy trust, are extremely difficult to uncover, and even harder to shut down. And unfortunately, they’re all too easy for criminals to create.

Even unsophisticated attackers can simply register similar domains and host websites designed to trick unsuspecting visitors, damaging the brand equity it may have taken you years or decades to build. The time has come to move from defense to offense.

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Protecting Against Brand Imitation

Using a combination of machine learning and quadrillions of targeted scans that can identify even unknown attack patterns, Brand Exploit Protect helps you detect attacks in their early stages and block them before they go live. When live attacks are discovered, they can be remediated quickly to minimise damage. The solution is engineered to help you:

  • Protect customers, partners, and employees from phishing scams using similar domains.
  • Identify and protect against attacks that clone your website, irrespective of the hosting domain.
  • Block and take down both suspicious sites and active scams  

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Defending Owned Domains

DMARC is an industry-standard email authentication protocol that allows organizations to publish DMARC records for all their owned domains with their DNS provider. These records can be used as markers for detecting illegitimate activity and implementing DMARC reject policies.

Mimecast DMARC Analyzer is a cloud-based tool that is engineered to simplify the process of implementing, managing, and reporting on DMARC policies, helping you:

  • Get better visibility of owned domains, both active and dormant.
  • Simplify the process of publishing DMARC records.
  • See who is sending emails on your behalf – both legitimately and illegitimately.
  • Implement DMARC “reject” policies to prevent delivery of emails from illegitimate sources.

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