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Protection From the Inside Out

Threats that exist inside an organization are often underestimated, which means they also carry a lot of risk. Attacks can spread silently and rapidly from user-to-user or even worse, from employees to customers and partners. And without adequate security awareness, end-users are highly susceptible to making an innocent but devastating mistake.

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When You Consider That…

 60% of most organisations’ email traffic is internal (user to user) and outbound*

• Human error is a factor in the vast majority of successful attacks

• 71% of organisations report having malicious activity spread from user to user in the last 12 months**

…applying a best-practice security approach inside your organisation becomes an imperative, rather than a nice to have.

Preventing attackers from breaching your internal email systems, while also making employees aware of common tactics and best security practices, is the focus of Mimecast’s email security strategy in Zone 2 – inside your network and organisation.  

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Strengthen Your Last Line Of Defense

Even with a robust email security perimeter in place, attackers can bypass the perimeter and operate inside your email network, using compromised employee accounts, social networks, file sharing sites, and other techniques to gain access and send bad things inside and out. Mimecast’s integrated approach and award-winning technology come together to help you address internal risks, including:

User-to-user and user to third-party compromise

When internal email traffic is left exposed, attacks can easily spread within your organization or to customers, partners, and suppliers. With Mimecast, the same robust stack of email security technologies used at the perimeter can be applied to internal and outbound traffic as well, ensuring that ALL email is protected.

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Latent malware

Not all malicious content is detected at the gateway – some is designed to activate after delivery. To mitigate the associated risks, Mimecast’s technology continuously checks previously delivered files for malicious content, so you can take action when needed. 

Threat remediation

When internal email is left unprotected, finding the source of an attack can take weeks or months, not to mention the time spent on remediation. With Mimecast, you can quickly identify and remediate threats with technology that allows you to search for files by hash, from and to, or message ID and then automatically or manually remove them from users’ inboxes post-delivery

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