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What Makes the Nutanix Cloud Journey Unique?

Nutanix enables seamless hybrid and multi-cloud expansion through native integration with public clouds. Unlike the traditional approach of building piecemeal integrations onto a legacy foundation, Nutanix creates a flexible basis that lets you run and manage any app in any location from a single platform. This gives you the freedom to choose your cloud resources while maintaining interoperability from the start.

The Nutanix cloud journey typically happens in 4 phases, each methodically building upon the previous.

Phase 1


Phase 1: Modernize Your Infrastructure

Simplify management of your on-prem data center by converging storage, networking, compute, and virtualization silos onto a unified, software-driven infrastructure platform. This unified platform forms the basis for ensuring interoperability in your cloud operations.

Phase 2


Phase 2: Automate IT Services in a Private Cloud

Save your IT team from error-prone manual tasks by automating management and resource delivery for end users. A private cloud gives you the simplicity and scalability of public cloud with the control and security of your on-prem data center.

Phase 3


Phase 3: Enable Hybrid Cloud

On-ramp to hybrid cloud by integrating public cloud resources with your private cloud. For example, implementing cost governance, DR, and security and compliance auditing across clouds helps lay the groundwork for your continued expansion to hybrid and multi-cloud operations.

Phase 4


Phase 4: Manage Multiple Clouds as One

Native integration between your private and public clouds allow you to expand on demand from a single platform using your existing cloud networking setup. Burst workloads in minutes with no re-architecting and migrate applications seamlessly across any environment without any additional networking overlay.

Phase 1


Centrally Manage, Visualise and Audit

82% of organizations believe data silos lead to loss of visibility that prevent them from leveraging all of their data assets.

Manage, visualize and get insights on all of your data and underlying storage utilization across the organization, from one user interface. Monitor and record data access to ensure compliance.

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