App Downtime & Data Loss Is Expensive

Unplanned outages can result in losses of over $9,000 per minute, loss of productivity, and negative impact on business reputation.

Calm Delivers Self-Service Provisioning

Deploy a data-first architecture

Empower application and business teams with data when, and how, they need it. Rise above storage infrastructure management.

Calm Delivers Application Lifestyle Management

Make smarter storage decisions

Reduce storage costs and save IT-man hours. Let automation manage, secure and tier data across its lifecycle.

Calm Delivers Hybrid-Cloud Orchestration

Distribute & scale with ease

Non-disruptively scale within the datacenter, cloud or branch offices as data grows. Manage, visualize and control data and storage centrally.

Data platform

One Data Platform for All Uses

Most data is siloed and scattered all over the organization, and businesses are unable to use the data strategically. 

Deploy, manage and scale a single software-based storage platform across datacenters, branch offices, or the cloud. Enable greater access by delivering files or objects across multiple protocols to all workloads and users.

visualise and audit

Centrally Manage, Visualise and Audit

82% of organizations believe data silos lead to loss of visibility that prevent them from leveraging all of their data assets.

Manage, visualize and get insights on all of your data and underlying storage utilization across the organization, from one user interface. Monitor and record data access to ensure compliance.

Never lose data

Never Lose Your Data

Built-in intelligence protects all of your data from bit-rot and disk failures. By distributing and managing replicas in small slices, the software is able to quickly self-heal and prevent data loss. 

Backup integration and disaster recovery capabilities keep your data and dependent apps consistent in the event of site-wide failures.

Demanding workloads

Serve the Most Demanding Workloads

Rely on a single data management platform to serve the needs of all your workloads. Using intelligent load balancing and data placement, the software can meet IOPS needs of even the most demanding business applications. 

Plus, you can optimize for price and performance by blending spinning, flash, and high performance NVMe and RDMA storage media.

Platform Hardening / Automation

Maximise Resource Utilisation

Zero Suppression, compression, deduplication and erasure coding get the most out of available resources. Scale out and scale up storage non-disruptively without any loss in performance, to meet data growth and efficiently use available budget.

Data lifecycle

Manage Data Across its Lifecycle

Treat data based on its varied needs by business workloads, backups to long term compliance archives with minimal movement and maximum automation.

Built-in tiering and information life cycle management, snapshotting, cloning and single and multi-site replication capabilities. Simplify day-to-day operations and unstructured data storage.

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