VSAN Features

VSAN boasts an all-flash performance, and is the only hyper-converged storage solution that can deliver as much as 100,000 IOPS per all-flash node. It also delivers up to 10x greater storage utilisation through data reduction technologies.

Enterprise availability is delivered for the most demanding business critical applications - 99.999% uptime with built-in and fully tunable failure tolerance settings.

Manage storage along with computing and networking is a single integrated interface, known as the vSphere Web Client.

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What VSAN Delivers

Radically Simple Storage

Simplify storage provisioning and management, deploying storage with just a few mouse clicks.

Advanced Availability & Management

Ensure that data is never lost if a disk, host, network or rack fails. Entire site failures can also be tolerated.

Enterprise-ready storage

vSAN delivers all-flash performance with up to 100,000 IOPs per host, giving you trust in mission-critical applications.

50% Lower TCO

Deploy on inexpensive industry-standard server components to remove large, upfront investments.

Exceptional Performance

Experience up to 100,000 IOPs per host with all-flash and scale up to 64 hosts per cluster.

Linearly Scalable Storage

Delivers predictable, elastic and non-disruptive scaling of storage and compute resources, eliminating costly forklift upgrades.