Introducing Android Enterprise Essentials..

It’s a leaner, secure management service from Google, designed to make protecting and managing your mobile devices and data easier. Samsung is part of the Android Enterprise Recommended Programme, having exceeded the strict requirements set by Google.

So, if you’re a business that doesn’t need all the features of a complex management solution, Android Enterprise Essentials is a great way to stay secure while keeping things simple.

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Is Android Enterprise Essentials for me?

Your Business needs a device management service.

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Mobile devices have revolutionised the way we work. Being able to access work data and apps, no matter where you are, has been a welcome boost for productivity and flexibility. But since mobile devices are not as easily managed or secure as more traditional work devices, they can expose your organisation to new threats.

Protection against threats is vital, no matter the size of your business. So, if you have a simpler infrastructure or a smaller IT team, Android Enterprise Essentials has the key security features you need to stay secure, with minimal effort. It’s also an ideal first step if you’re considering a fuller solution in future.

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47% of companies have seen an increase in cyberattacks since the work from home shift1, and nearly one in four cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error2.

It’s a lighter, secure management option, and can be combined with the benefits and service elements of Samsung’s Enterprise Edition—including three years of enhanced support for your devices.

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Android Enterprise Essentials has been designed to offer the key elements that businesses with simpler needs require to manage their devices—without the extra complexity of investing in the full Knox Suite package, which is suited to organisations with more sophisticated requirements.

However, as you grow and your needs become more complex, Samsung experts are on hand to help you upgrade to the full suite of features

Android Enterprise Essentials offers agile businesses a simple, affordable way to embrace enterprise mobility, and benefit from the Samsung Knox and Android Enterprise partnership.

Samsung Galaxy devices are fortified to withstand the most demanding security challenges of today’s workplace. Now you have a choice in selecting the right management solution for your device needs.

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Partnering to help you work wonders

All Samsung devices exceed the Android Enterprise Recommended security requirements, verified by Google. They also receive regular patches and updates, helping you boost protection and productivity.

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2 Verizon DBIR report, 2020