For more than 2½ decades Veritas has helped keep some of the world’s most mission-critical applications highly available, minimising downtime with fast failover to your data centre or cloud of choice. 

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A survey of 1,500 IT decision makers shows data management challenges cost orgs $2M annually.

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The software-defined bridge between tier-one applications and infrastructure. InfoScale offers world-class software-defined storage, availability and management for hybrid clouds.

Key Benefits:

  • Ensure Availability and Quality of Service for
    Mission-Critical Applications
  • Leverage In-Server Storage Capabilities
  • Ensure High Performance with Scalability
  • Reduce Costs by Choosing Any Hardware
    Platform or Vendor

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Resiliency Platform

Resiliency Platform lets you build the next big thing that moves your business forward. Resiliency Platform helps you proactively ensure application resilience across the multi-cloud, with a single solution to cost-efficiently meet uptime service level objectives.

Key Benefits:

  • Enjoy broad infrastructure support.
  • Get back to business quickly.
  • Ensure data integrity.
  • Leverage non-disruptive rehearsals.
  • Gain comprehensive reporting.

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The largest companies in the world rely on Veritas Availability.


10/10 financial institutions

10/10 telco companies

10/10 investment banks

10/10 healthcare organisations

Our recovery scenarios are complex, but VRP simplified them. And I was impressed that Veritas was able to provide the technology support we needed so quickly and smoothly.”

– Jose Newman, Disaster Recovery Program Architect, Oncor

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