The challenge

Data Protection for an Interconnected World

Because of attacks such as POODLE and Heartbleed, there is a renewed awareness about the importance of SSL. At the commercial level, SSL is what enables modern business to communicate securely with customers and partners. More and more organisations are transforming not just their business services, but all communication – including outbound – with SSL and F5.

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statistic around the number of sites which use an SSL certificate


The aproximate number of the most popular websites that are protected by SSL. 

The solution

Critical Capabilities for Superior Protection

Securing applications with SSL is what F5 excels at. By terminating all traffic at the strategic point of control in the network, organisations can use the scalability and agility of the F5 SSL reference architecture to transform their applications.

The deployment

Overcoming the Challenges to Global SSL Adoption

You want to protect 100% of your business apps and data. But, there are three new challenges that complicate things – surveillance, vulnerabilities, and virtualisation. Learn how you can overcome them and make the security of data in transit a reality for your business.

Read the IDC Report: The Blind State of Rising SSL Traffic

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