Capacity-optimised All-flash Storage

Pure FlashArray//C is the first all-flash, NVMe storage array delivering consistent performance, hyper-consolidation, and simplified management for Tier 2 applications at hybrid economics.


Hybrid Storage

Hyper-consolidate large data stores with up to 5.2PB effective (1.39PB raw) storage in a tiny, three-, six-, or nine-rack unit.


All Flash Performance

Provide QLC-optimizedEvergreen storage with data reduction, built for 99.9999% availability, replication, and cloud portability.


Enterprise Grade Efficiency

Maximize results and flexibility for tier 2 enterprise applications on-premises and easily connect to the cloud. Upgrade performance, capacity, and features over time without disruption with Pure Evergreen™.


Hyper Consolidation

Consolidate large data stores with up to 5.2 PBs effective (1.39 raw) in a tiny, 3-9 rack uni. Dramatically reduce hardware, power, cooling and rack space costs.

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