Purity Reduce: The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Data Reduction

Offering dedupe, compression, pattern removal, and deeper compression with machine learning, Purity//FA reduces data storage requirements twice as much as the competition. Plus, it’s built-in, always-on, and requires no tuning.

Purity Assure: 99.9999% Availability from FlashArray

Keep your data and applications safe, secure, and available at all times—without performance loss. Get always-on QoS and effortless control over your workloads. No more noisy neighbors, maintenance windows, or long weekends in the data center.

Purity Protect: Confidence and Continuity

Get effortless business continuity with ActiveCluster™. Purity offers space-efficient local and remote disaster recovery. Snapshots and replication—to FlashArray, an NFS target, or cloud—are built-in, efficient, and simple to set up.

Purity Secure: Effective Compliance Platform

Purity Secure is an effective platform for compliance regulations, including GDPR. It delivers always-on FIPS 140-2 validated, AES-256 data-at-rest encryption with data reduction, EncryptReduce, KMIP integration, and rapid data locking.

Purity Optimise: Accelerated Application Responsiveness

Get unprecedented responsiveness for production workloads from DirectMemory Cache. Achieve up to 50% latency improvement and higher throughput for performance-critical workloads, including OLTP and in-memory databases.

Protect Data Everywhere

Modernize your data protection. Purity CloudSnap™ enables snapshot portability from on-premises FlashArray//X or FlashArray//C to a secondary FlashArray™, systems—or to AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud for off-premises backup.

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