The Modern Data Experience

Pure as-a-Service delivers a cloud-like experience, which means it’s easy to get in, easy to ramp-up, and easy to get-out. A basic subscription requires only a one-page online EULA and every Pure as-a-Service subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Storage Service Which You Pay Only for What You Use

Like electricity, gas and phone, Pure as-a-Service is a utility for which you’re billed based on consumption. With Pure as-a-Service, gone are the days where you bought or leased years of storage in advance.

Operate Off and On-Premise Storage With An Efficient Hybrid Cloud

Pure as-a-Service offers on-prem and cloud storage as a service. This provides you with the opportunity to efficiently operate a hybrid cloud by unifying your environment with one subscription and one set of storage services.

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Is Pure Storage right for you?

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