Storage that just works

Pure Storage solutions are always-on, always fast, and always secure. They’re self-managing, and plug-n-play simple. They’re also cloud-connected, giving you the agility of cloud-based management, predictive analytics, and unrivalled support and protection.

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Storage that does more

Our software-defined storage is always efficient. We save you 10x on space and 10x on flash while consolidating all your tiers and workloads. And we deliver that efficiency via zero compromise data services that are fully automatable and extensible for self-service consumption.

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Pure as-a-Service

Pay only for what you use

Get storage as a service (STaaS) for on-premises and public cloud from the company that unifies hybrid clouds with a single subscription.

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Storage that gets better with age


Storage that gets better with age

Get increasing performance and savings every year, free. Buy once, and your SaaS-like subscription to software and hardware innovation delivers next-gen storage breakthroughs, like the 100% NVMe //X, without disruption, downtime, or data migration.

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